Friday, April 16, 2010

How to Select Proper Plus Size Clothing

There are many designers making stylish outfits and dresses for bigger and curvier women. Most popular of these is Eileen Fisher, renowned for casual clothing and Lafayette 148, which specializes in elegant dresses. They offer outfits for 3X or up to size 24 women. One unique thing about the latter is that they offer clothes as separate items which can be mixed and matched as you desire to create a coordinated outfit. Though this is the more expensive option as most of the clothes available range from well over $100 to $300 plus in some cases, every penny is worth spending. Other distinguished designers are Carmen Marc Valvo, Anna Scholz and JS Boutique.

The cheapest alternative to designer plus size clothing is maintaining your network with people who will possibly get rid of their plus sized clothes in near future. These are not necessarily trashy rather a considerable weight reduction could be the reason which renders these clothes useless for the previous possessors. In this way you can lay your hands on some fabulous clothes at a very reasonable price.

Nevertheless the most popular option is online shopping. It is the easiest and quickest way of finding exactly what you need within your budget. With just click of a button you get a list of retailers but not all of them are reliable. Since online shopping does not give you an opportunity to try the clothes on to see if they are a perfect fit, only those retailers should be contacted who use industry standards of size. Other than that you can get some really great outfits from departmental stores like Kohls, Sears and Macy's or discount stores like Kmart and Walmart.

There are many alternatives for plus sized women who want good quality, stylish clothes. The key is to look in the right direction in order to save both your time and effort.

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